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Oklahoma State University

County Computer Assistance Program (CCAP)


CLGT's County Computer Assistance Program (CCAP)

 About CCAP


The County Computer Assistance Program, or CCAP, is an Outreach and Extension Program of the Center for Local Government Technology (CLGT) at Oklahoma State University and supports fifty nine county assessors and twenty eight county treasurers in developing software solutions for their everyday requirements.

CCAP staff members provide training, support, and technical assistance for computer software and hardware used for parcel administration, property tax billing, collection, apportionment, and other system processes used in the offices of the County Assessor and County Treasurer. CCAP manages database programs and database utilities used in auditing property tax systems, as well as generates a backup of County Assessor and County Treasurer data, maintaining a site for legislatively directed secure data storage and retrieval.


CCAP continually evolves these technologies to meet and exceed the needs and standards of their clients.

CCAP also provides ongoing training and technical assistance to these local government entities.



Causes of Data Loss are due to Hardware Malfunction 44% of the time, Software Corruption 32% of the time, Human Error 14% of the time, Computer Virus 7% of the time, and Natural Disaster 3% of the time.


A comprehensive data backup strategy is vital to your data security.

Too many people wait until disaster strikes before they think about a backup.

A good backup is an excellent way to protect against viruses, deteriorating hard drives, disasters, and human errors. If it would not be cost effective or even possible to re-enter data, then you need a backup strategy.

Someone in your office should be checking your offices backup printlog daily!


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For Programming related questions:

Scott Warren
IT Manager


For Hardware purchase or installation schedules:

Michael Challis
Network Administrator


For Software or Computer Issues:

Carol Bomhoff
Applications Developer