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Oklahoma State University

CLGT History

Dr. Jim Shamblin, Founder of the Center for Local Government Technology (CLGT) at Oklahoma State University
 Dr. Jim Shamblin, Founder of the Center for Local Government Technology


 In 1972, Dr. Jim Shamblin, a professor in Industrial Engineering at Oklahoma State University was looking for research dollars and a “niche” to compete with larger schools by applying engineering technology to small towns and local governments. The result was the formation of the Center for Local Government Technology (CLGT). Dr. Shamblin secured a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help small towns or local governments use computer technology. Initially, a computer program was developed to analyze traffic accident data for the Stillwater Police Department. This simple technology was so successful the cities of Norman, Lawton, and even Los Angeles, CA began using a modification of the program. With the help of Dr. Joe Mize, Industrial Engineering department head at the time, Dr. Shamblin submitted another proposal to the NSF asking to model the Land Grant Universities Cooperative Extension Programs by providing assistance with engineering technologies to local units of governments through the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology. From this initial funding, CLGT has evolved into the programs it operates today:

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), a program proposed by Dr. Shamblin to the Federal Highway Administration in 1982, LTAP now consists of a nation-wide program with an LTAP Center in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and seven Tribal Technical Assistance Programs. LTAP provides training and technical assistance to local government agencies responsible for the planning, maintenance and construction of transportation systems.

Transportation Research Intern Program (TRIP), places students from transportation related degree programs in paid summer internships with local government agencies.

Oklahoma Pilot Escort Certification Program, provides specialized training for certification of operators of pilot escort vehicles.

County Computer Assistance Program (CCAP), provides training, support, and technical assistance for computer software and hardware used for property tax administration, billing, collection, apportionment and other system processes used in County Assessor and County Treasurer offices.

Assessor Training and Accreditation Program (ATAP), provides education, training, and technical assistance to County Assessors and Deputies and administers the Accreditation program mandated by state law.

The Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal Program (CAMA) team for Oklahoma is responsible for the procurement, installation, county conversions, CAMA training, and CAMA support to participating counties across Oklahoma, mandated by state law.


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