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Oklahoma State University

About LTAP


The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at Oklahoma State University provides extension programs and services to those responsible for the construction and maintenance of transportation systems at the local level in Oklahoma. 



In offering outreach programs and services that improve local transportation systems in Oklahoma, LTAP will be recognized for:

Enabling county, municipal and tribal governments to provide a better quality of life for those they serve.
Strengthening business and industry within communities to help them be competitive in a global economy.
Promoting economic development and creating partnerships among; State DOT, County, Municipal, Tribal, as well as private entities providing service for these local governments.

Core Values:

Excellence - We seek excellence in all of our endeavors, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

Intellectual Freedom – We believe in ethical and scholarly questioning in an environment that respects the rights of all to freely pursue knowledge.

Integrity – We are committed to the principles of truth and honesty, and we will be equitable, ethical and professional.

Service - We believe that serving others is an honorable and worthy endeavor.

Diversity – We respect others and value diversity of opinions, freedom of expression, and other ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Stewardship of Resources – We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources. We accept the responsibility of the public’s trust and are accountable for our actions.