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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)



Training Sessions

This two-day course is for experienced welders capable of passing the AASHTO/AWS D 1.5M/D 1.5 welding code certification test. Students will review the welds they will be required to perform on the test. They will also be evaluated to determine if they have the skill necessary to become certified. On day one and two an independent welding certification firm will test students on AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D 1.5. Those passing will be certified. There is a cost of $115 for the certification test. PLEASE NOTE! The students or their local government agencies will be invoiced by the independent welding certification firm whether they pass or fail the exam. The $115 certification fee will be due the day of the test whether you pass or fail the exam. Payments should be made out to: C&G Inspection 118 Lynn Rd. Meeker, OK 74855. For questions about the class and requirements call Paul Childers at 405-627-6168.
This one-day course makes students aware of the dangers inherent with trenching and excavation. This enables them to identify and predict hazards and to take corrective measures to control them. After completion of the class, students are qualified to be named a Trench Competent Person by their employer. The class is free, but you must register to attend!
This two-day is a course that goes into detail on the various management tools available to efficiently run county and city road operations. The Critical Path Method (CPM), Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) and Gantt Charts are discussed in detail. Students work on several case studies using these methods in simulations of "real world" type projects. The class is free, but you must register to attend!
These one- or two-day workshops includes topics related to pavement preservation concepts, process introduction, agency perspective, application techniques, site selection, combination treatments and an opportunity for discussion with recognized industry leaders. Attendees will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of pavement preservation with an emphasis on Micro Surfacing, Chip Seal, and overlays. The class is free, but you must register to attend!
Oklahoma public agencies deal with winter weather to keep the roads open for everyone. This training examines current methods of winter maintenance of the local transportation systems and some newer technologies as well. The goals of the course are to provide an overview of current winter maintenance practices and identify tools for winter maintenance. This training session will address the important winter maintenance issues related to driving in snow, snow plowing, sand, salting and deicing with chemicals and to learn from the Rogers County District 1 Brine Solution System set up. There will be a Motor-Grader and Snow Plow Group Discussion and Demonstration. This workshop is free to attend, but your must pre-register! Refreshments may be provided. The class is free, but you must preregister to attend!
This two-day course covers how to read and interpret plans used for county and city road and bridge projects. The class is free, but you must register to attend!
This two-day course covers the tests used to test soils for their engineering properties. Sieve analysis, Atterburg limits, Proctors and nuclear density tests are discussed and practiced by the students in a laboratory. Emphasis is placed on explaining how these tests can be used to improve the quality of county and city roads. The class is free, but you must register to attend!


Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

 LTAP has partnered with Oklahoma's DPS to Provide Pilot/Escort Training and Certification

Be a Certified Vehicle Pilot Escort, to escort wide-loads across America. Check out the Department of Public Safety Fee-based training offered by the LTAP Program at Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater, OK. The Oklahoma Pilot Escort Certification Program provides specialized training for the certification of operators of pilot escort vehicles. Oklahoma has entered into reciprocal compacts and agreements with Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington for the purpose of recognizing escort vehicle operator certifications issued by these states.