Oklahoma LTAP - CDL Class

Charles Brown (middle), Pawnee County Commissioner receives his Roads Scholar Certificate of Completion from Doug Wright (left) and Michael Hinkston (right) with the Oklahoma LTAP.

Terry Nickles (middle), Retired DPS Examiner, explains the procedure for the in-cab air brake check, which is a component of the vehicle pre-trip inspection.

Oklahoma LTAP - CDL Class

The Oklahoma LTAP is now offering a one-day training course where students will be instructed on how to perform a pre-trip inspection in order to successfully complete the skills test that is administered by the Department of Public Service (DPS). 

During this inspection, those tested must determine that the vehicle is safe to drive by performing a walk-around inspection. During the inspections examinees must point to or touch items on the vehicle and explain to the examiner what they are checking and why. To do this, drivers must have knowledge of how the vehicles they operate function in order to explain and demonstrate the different checks the examiner may request.

To enroll in a CDL Class or other LTAP Training Class, please use the following link: https://clgtweb.okstate.edu/ShowSchedule.awp?&Mode=GROUP&Group=LTAP&Title=LTAP+Classes


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Oklahoma LTAP - CDL Class
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Local Government employees attend an Oklahoma LTAP CDL Prep for the Written Exam training class.
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