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Oklahoma State University

CLGT Mission


The Center for Local Government Technology at the Morgan Building in Stillwater at dawn

The Center for Local Government Technology is a public service outreach program of Oklahoma State University. CLGT is committed to providing the highest quality educational programs, training, technical assistance, and customized services to various customer groups who specialize in serving the public:

County officers and employees
Tribal governments and members
Municipal officers and employees
State agencies
Professional associations

CLGT's mission is to promote professionalism, efficiency and quality in the delivery of services to our customers, to Oklahomans, to people nation-wide and world-wide. Training includes state-legislated accreditation programs, workshops, and seminars, regional and national technical conferences, satellite teleconferences, distance learning broadcasts, and professional development retreats.

Handbooks, course books, newsletters, and other training materials provide continuous training support on the job.

Technical assistance is available to CLGT customers through publications, demonstrations, technology transfer, research projects, on-site assistance, and financial data and computer support.


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